Susan Kallok to become middle school dean of faculty

Sue Kallok, Chair of the Middle School Library and Technology Department, has been elected to replace art teacher Robin Miller as the new Dean of Faculty at the Middle School. Following the end of Miller’s two year term, Kallok was nominated by a fellow member of the faculty and an election was held among faculty and staff.

As the new Dean of Faculty, Kallok is the main line of communication between the administration and the faculty. She also directs weekly faculty meetings where members of the faculty make announcements. Kallok is also a member of the Faculty Advisory Committee. She is in charge of the Betterment Fund which is money for the faculty to use for professional development. Kallok organizes fun faculty events, such as museum visits and bowling.

“This gives me an opportunity to work with my colleagues in a different capacity than I do now. It also allows me to contribute to the school community,” said Kallok.

“Next year will bring about a lot of change at the middle school. I look forward to working with my colleagues as Dean of Faculty as we begin the adventure,” said Kallok.