Exhibition displays junior’s diversity photographs

Alex Fullman ’09 exhibited his photographs at the GAM Arts Center on May 17 as part of a project entitled “Boulevard Without Borders.” The showing was a result of his participation in an eight-month collaboration between three artists and 16 students selected from ten Los Angeles high schools.

The project was centered on Pico Boulevard with the purpose of documenting its cultural diversity. It was directed by Patrick Herbert, Brian Moss and Sylvia Sukop, artists with the goal of building bridges among communities as well as fostering community pride.

Fullman first found out about this opportunity through the Westside Jewish Community Center, one of the sponsors of “Boulevard Without Borders.”

The group has met one Sunday a month beginning in November and ending this month. To complete the project, they went on four photo shoots along Pico Boulevard.

Each photographer was free to experiment with different styles of photography. Fullman chose to focus on capturing portraits, in addition to landscapes and close-ups. He said he was particularly inspired by the photographs of Garry Winogrand, a street photographer.

Ten of Fullman’s best photographs from the entire experience were exhibited, and they will be moving to various locations along the Pico Boulevard corridor in the coming months.

“I enjoyed exploring an area of Los Angeles I was not particularly familiar with,” Fullman said. Fullman has been studying photography since the eighth grade. This is the first time his work has been publicly displayed.

“Alex has really shown a lot of improvement throughout the months, and I am very proud of him,”  Fullman’s Advanced Photo II teacher Kevin O’Malley said.

“Boulevard Without Borders” may be viewed on http://www.boulevardwithoutborders.org.