New president leads Parents’ Association

Susan Goren (Zach ’03, Sheera ’05, Jake ’08, Nicole ’12) has assumed the role of president of the Parents’ Association for the upcoming year.

Goren has been involved with the Parents’ Association on and off for 11 years. She has held positions such as Corresponding Secretary, Committee Chair for Faculty Appreciation and Grade Representative. She was chosen as president through the standing method of nomination.

Goren has also been involved within the Parents’ Association at Stephen S. Wise Temple.

Goren has made the decision to be involved for so long because she views the commitment as a way of saying thank you to the school and the faculty, she said.

“In my opinion, the job of an effective president is to come in with a wealth of volunteer experience, allow the officers to do their jobs, listen, communicate and provide feedback when necessary,” she said.

“In order to make improvements and/or create change, it takes a group effort.”

Goren will collaborate with the executive board and meet with the committees to oversee all the portfolios and activities.

As of now there have been no events planned that are unique this year, nor have there been any major changes to the structure of the association; there are only new faces.

The Board of the Parents’ Association had had several meetings this summer.

Goren is most looking forward to “working alongside fellow Harvard Westlake parents and building community,” she said.

“It is important to be able to see the bigger picture respecting the philosophy of our school.”