It’s showtime

The first question in the FAQ on Lindsey Rosin ’03 and her father Charles’ (Avery ’09) website is simple. “Who is Janey?” it inquires, and rightfully so, as the first thing one notices under the site’s flag is a simple greeting: “Hi, my name is Janey and this is my blog.”

Janey is the pen name of a fictional up-and-coming 20-something year-old living in Hollywood. Her blogs contain short vignettes or monologues in the three-minute range featuring her fictional friends (played by actual young actors) telling stories of the toils of the young Hollywood life, elaborating on things like seeking an agent, playing a gig or general relationship drama.

The idea for Showbizzle was originally conceived by Charles Rosin in January 2007. A month later marked the first preliminary shoot, and in July, with the help of writer/director Lindsey, Rosin began filming the first bulk of episodes. The online series has grown to about 180 episodes, over half of which were written by Lindsey and almost all of which were directed by her.

“It’s been really fun because I can actually make [each episode] happen, and working with my dad is really great,” Lindsey, who wrote for the One Acts Festival as a student, said. “Now we’re trying to just get the web address out there.”

In addition to Lindsey, several alumni have contributed to Showbizzle by writing and acting, including Molly Lambert ‘01 , Stacey Lloyd ‘02, Josh Margolin ‘07, Andrew Pattison ‘07, and Jonah Platt ’04.

“Ultimately down the line we’d like to build up to being the place for people who are interested in working in Hollywood to come and share stories and get information,” she said. “But right now we’re trying to entertain people.”