Prefects announce sandwich pre-order

Students can now pre-order sandwiches in the cafeteria for a quick pickup between classes.

A new sandwich order form was created in order to “make your lives a little less stressful,” the Prefect Council said in a school-wide e-mail last week.

The idea behind the new sandwich ordering process is to shorten the lines at the sandwich bar in order to allow students with few free periods to bypass the long lines and to get food faster.

Pre-ordering sandwiches is part of Prefect Council’s campaign to “give you one less thing to worry about.”

In the email, the Prefect Council described themselves as “your friendly neighborhood Prefect Council.”

When a student purchases a sandwich, the sandwich is charged to his or her ID card. The sandwiches will be ready for pick up between third and seventh periods.

If the sandwich is not picked up, it will be sold in the cafeteria.

If the sandwich is purchased by somebody else in the cafeteria, the person who originally ordered it will have a refund credited to his or her student account.