Seniors prevail in Powder Puff game

By Allegra Tepper

Donning war paint and their school colors, the players took the field.

As they warmed up, students in the bleachers settled in for another Friday football game.

The teams huddled, strategizing against their opponents, and the referees whistled for the kickoff.

Varsity soccer player Clara Jaques ’09 kicked to a group of junior and sophomore girls, and the first-ever Powder Puff flag football game was underway.

The game took place just four hours before the varsity football team was slated to take the field on Nov. 21 for its first round CIF match against Bishop Montgomery.

Forty-five minutes after kickoff, the scoreboard read 18 to 6, a victory for the upperclassmen.

Fourteen seniors took down the 12 juniors and sophomores who came out for the afternoon scrimmage.

Lucy Jackson ’09 scored two touchdowns for her team, winning the title of MVP. Zaakirah Daniels ’10 scored the sole touchdown for the underclassmen team, and Ariana Sopher ’09 scored another one for the seniors.

The Student Athletic Advisory Council sponsored the event.

Representatives Tiana Woolridge ’11 and Emma Katz ’09 organized and played in the game as well.

Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin traded in his calculator and tie for a whistle and jersey, refereeing the game along with Joey Friedrich ’09.

During his post-game wrap-up, Levin called the game “the best first game he has ever been a part of.”

After the game, Woolridge handed out football key chains to participants and an MVP football to Jackson.

“This was a huge success,” Woolridge said. “I think it was a lot of fun, and the SAAC is definitely going to try to organize this again.”