One man band

By Alex Leichenger

As a third grader, Jarred Green ’11 was forced by his parents to take an afterschool piano class. But as Green continued to practice, he himself became more devoted to the instrument.

Three years ago, Green started taking guitar lessons and discovered a similar passion. Last year, he added the flute and harmonica to his musical repertoire.

And a few months ago, the tally of instruments Green can play reached five when he purchased a ukulele.

Green, who started off unenthusiastic about playing any instruments at all, now has such a proclivity for music that he has learned instrument after instrument, and at a rapid pace. He has no plans to stop after five, either.

He said says he plans to learn the violin and then the theremin, an electrophone invented in early 20th century Russia that uses antennae to translate hand movements into radio frequencies.

“The more bizarre the instrument, the more determined I am to learn it,” Green explained.