School to implement more ALICE training for students

By Spencer Gisser

Sophomores, seniors, Peer Support trainees and leaders and faculty members are being considered as candidates for training under the ALICE system, a security procedure for handling on-campus shootings. Head of CJL Security Inc. Jim Crawford, Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church, counselor Luba Bek, Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken and Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra met on Feb. 5 to discuss the implementation of the ALICE system.

Prefects who had evaluated the ALICE system said that the ALICE training program is “a valuable exercise,” Salamandra said.

The program might be streamlined, Salamandra said, mentioning the length of the prefects’ four-hour training session. Because the prefects found the program useful, the meeting “was just to set up a plan to bring awareness and information to as many people as possible,” Salamandra said.

In brainstorming how to effectively train as many people as possible, “we were going to look into training faculty,” but now instead consider training the trainees in Peer Support, Salamandra said. Peer Support leaders will be trained on Monday, Feb. 23, according to Peer Support Coordinator Annie Belfield ‘™09.

Trained Peer Support leaders would be expected to train members of their individual groups on their Monday night sessions. Other ALICE training sessions could include Sophomore Orientation Day and Senior Seminars.