Plays announced for Playwrights Festival

By Alexia Boyarsky

Plays selected to be performed in the Playwrights Festival this May were announced by Performing Arts teacher Christopher Moore on Saturday.

These were the plays selected:


“A Mendelsohn Legacy” By Jacob Axelrad

“A Night At The Opera” By Simha Haddad

“Curbside” By Nick Merrill

“Magic Touch” By Julie Barzilay

“Never Goin’ Nowhere” By Max Ritvo

“Sorry ‘Bout That” By Alex Valdez

“Table For Three” By Jack Mankiewicz

“The Zone Ranger” By Ben Goldstein and Mac Taylor

“This One’s For The Girls” By Maddy Sprung-Keyser

“Thou Shalt Not Steal” By Cate Barsky

“What All School Children Learn” By Ben Sprung-Keyser