Earth Day celebrations culminate with speaker

By Hana Al-Henaid

The Environmental Club invited environmental activist Ann Bradly to speak today in Ahmanson Lecture hall during break in honor of Earth Month’s culmination. Throughout the month of April, the Environmental Club has hosted a series of events to celebrate Earth month.

In addition to observing a Zero Trash Thursday throughout the entire month, the club sold reusable bottles during break on April 15 and 27, arranged a beach clean-up on April 19, distributed ice cream to students who carpool on April 27.

Environmental Club leaders and club advisor and English teacher Martha Wheelock met before spring break to plan all the facets of Earth Month. From cleanups to ice cream, the logistics came together over the week of March 23.

Julie Barzilay ’09 initiated the Zero Trash Thursdays that were incorporated into Earth Month in order to increase school-wide awareness of trash generation. and to encourage minimal energy consumption.

The Environmental Club began promoting the sale of reusable bottles in December. When they sell bottles, the club often offers the opportunity to personalize them with stickers.

Community Council member Ava Kofman ’10 helped Barzilay organize the Dockweiler Beach clean-up event on April 19.

“We were able to not only clean a large area of the beach, but we also had a great picnic and enjoyed the view,” Kofman said. “Thirty-five students came and we were very successful in getting everyone together to help the community.”

Repeating an earlier tradition from the year, the Environmental Club distributed ice cream to students who carpool or bought reusable water bottles on April 27 during break.

As a culmination of the month’s events, environmental activist Ann Bradley has been invited to speak on April 29 by Wheelock, who met Bradley at artist-in-residence Kim Abeles’ reception in March.