Department chairs step down from positions

By Alexia Boyarsky

Although a couple of faculty members are leaving both campus’ this year, Chief of Finance Rob Levin says that the turnover has significantly decreased this year. Meanwhile, five teachers will be changing positions next year in order to pursue different aspects of their jobs.

At the upper school, Foreign Language Department Chair Javier Zaragoza will be stepping down from his post, in order to “take a break from administration” and return to teaching, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said in an e-mail to the faculty.

Latin teacher Paul Chenier will be taking over Zaragoza’s position starting in September.

“This department is overflowing with teachers who have experience as chair, so that makes the job a lot easier,” Chenier said. “I have plenty of people I can turn to for guidance and advice.”

Middle school Math Department Chair Bob Pavich will hand over his post to math teacher Sue Olson, in order to “to return to full-time teaching,” Huybrechts said.

Olson has led and managed the Middle School Professional Development Committee for around 15 years, Huybrechts said, but she will pass on these duties to history and Latin teacher John Corsello.

Although some faculty members are switching positions, the number of teachers leaving is significantly less than usual.