Middle School takes part in aerial photo

By Daniel Rothberg

Students gathered on the middle school field for an aerial photo of the new campus on May 21. Students and faculty stood in the formation of the letters “H-W.”

Besides its archival value, the photo will serve as a memento for the school, Vice President John Amato said.

“When Harvard School and Westlake School first merged an aerial shot was taken of all the middle school students posed as H-W. This was done on the old lower lawn at the bottom of the terrace steps. Now that we have a new campus we want to do this again,” Head of Middle School Ronnie Cazeau said.

The photographer took the aerial photo from a private helicopter during activities period.

Students were not required to participate in the event, but were “encouraged to be a part of history,” seventh grade dean Kate Benton said. Students who did not participate in the shot were asked to stay inside so that the camera did not pick them up.

“We really wanted this to be a campus effort even including faculty. What a unifying shot of school this would be if we were all to come together for this picture,” Cazeau said.

The Jacobson Cup house affiliation of each student and faculty member determined where they stood in the “H-W.” Badgers and Polecats made up the black H, Otters and Ferrets made up the red W and Student Council made up the white hyphen.

“It was sort of cool to know this is something that will be remembered on the middle school campus,” Student Council member Sam Wolk ’13 said.