Concert raises money for LA homeless families

By Ashley Halkett

Nineteen upper school students sang in a concert in Rugby Theater on May 22 for Imagine LA, a non-profit organization that helps homeless children.

The event was hosted by Mike Lee ’09 and Keith Black ’09.

The concert featured nine songs, mostly duets, and a special guest performance by Te’Rhon O’Neal ’09 and Corey Vann ’09.

Proceeds from the concert totaled over $2,000.

Before the performances, Imagine LA spokesperson Jill Bauman told the audience about the importance of helping homeless families, particularly children, escape the cycle of poverty.

Black introduced the first act by singing the first couple lines of a T-Pain song, dedicated to “a special lady; you know who you are.”

Inspired by the dedication of those involved last year, Lee decided he wanted to work with the association after seeing the first concert, held by Tymon Tai ’08 at St. Michael’s in 2008.

“Imagine LA is one of the few organizations with a clear, distinct vision in helping to stop [homelessness],” Lee said.

“I knew with proper funding, this charity would be able to take even bigger strides with our help,” he said.

Between getting approval from the administration and recruiting both volunteers and performers, the concert took about three months to set up.

Lee said he was nervous about a low turnout, but that his fears were assuaged and everything went better than expected.

“My favorite part was definitely being able to incorporate a passion of mine, music, with something that really helps out the community,” Lee said.

“I’ve been trying to pursue a showcase for some time now, and finally being able to see a performance like that come true is something I will never forget,” he said.