Student, teacher start Catholic group

By Alex Leichenger

Three students met at St. Cyril of Jerusalem Catholic Church in Encino Sunday to discuss the formation of a Catholic liturgy group on campus. Catie Yagher ’10 and history teacher Greg Gonzalez came up with the idea of starting the group late this year.

“When Catie and I discovered that we shared the same faith, we thought it would be a good idea to organize a liturgy and perform service,” Gonzalez said.

Signs were posted around campus last week to notify the students of Sunday’s informal gathering, which directly followed mass. In addition to Yagher, Jose Angel Alvarez ’12, Gonzalaz’s daughter Gabriella Gonzalez ’12 attended.

“With time running out in school, we are shooting for next year to start a formal club, but we wanted to gather at least once before the summer,” Gonzalez said.

The group plans to organize another meeting next fall to bring together more possible members of the group. They hope to conduct monthly services and discussions at St. Saviour’s Chapel with St. Cyril’s priest throughout the school year. Yagher mentioned having meetings during Monday and Wednesday breaks as another possibility.

Because there are not many Catholics at the school, the club hopes as many as possible will join, she said.

“We are just trying to get all the Catholics at school who can’t practice their faith together,” Yagher said.