Unknown Stars: Lucy Davis

By Hannah Rosenberg

Glancing around the show field for the first time, one can see an overwhelming mix of hundreds of tents lined up with fans gathered around. There are booths filled with food and candy, equestrian equipment, and even a Lexus dealer booth, a sponsor of the show, giving away hourly raffle prizes.

Amid all the commotion, the riders prepare to enter the ring for their first event.

Equestrian, not typically considered to be a competitive team sport but more of a hobby, can actually be one of the most rigorous and time consuming sports out there. Just ask Lucy Davis ’11, one of the equestrian team’s leading varsity riders.

With lessons every day after school, and one or two days on the weekends, horseback riding is an around-the-clock commitment for Davis. In order to put that much time and effort into a sport requires both dedication and drive. Davis said, “I would definitely still ride if it wasn’t a school-accepted sport. I consider it a sport that is a hobby of mine.”

Much more than just an individual sport, horseback riding is about the bond between the horse and the rider. Success depends on both members of the team, so it’s important to learn how to work together. Davis’s partner in competitions is Patrick, a German Warm blood Hanoverian.

Competing in two to four horseshows a month, or about 25 to 30 a year, Davis has many opportunities to display her hard work and commitment to the sport. Showing in the Junior Jumpers division, jumping 4’9″ fences, Davis competes in one of the most challenging and competitive divisions in the sport overall.