School hosts ACT on upper school campus

By Michelle Nosratian

For the first time ever, the American College Test will be administered on the Upper School Campus on Sept. 12 and June 12.

“Over the years, we’ve seen a rise in the number of students who are interested in taking [the ACT] and it’s always nice for students to be able to take their standardized tests in a familiar environment,” Upper School Dean Canh Oxelson said.

The administration began contemplating offering the ACT exam on campus after sophomores were given the option to take the PLAN, the ACT’s version of the PSAT, last year.

However, the school is only hosting the SAT twice out of the six possible national test dates.

“Fortunately, if a conflict does arise, both the ACT and SAT are offered numerous times throughout Los Angeles County,” Oxelson said. ”Students will always have other test date options.”