Dancers to perform encore to ARC show

Aaron Lyons

Advanced Dance I will have an encore performance of its yearly outreach showcase tonight for students, teachers and family in the dance studio. Members of the class also held a showcase for ARC, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with developmental disabilities on Dec. 12.

The show’s theme, Outer Space, followed a young boy, played by Nick Healy ’13, who built a space ship and took the audience on an adventure though the atmosphere. The showcase was choreographed solely by the students with minimal involvement from their teacher, Cynthia Winter. The dancers focused on integrating elements such as the sun, the moon and gravity into their choreography.

“I think we just wanted to do something that the ARC hadn’t seen before,” Sophia Oman ’15 said. “It is very playful and mysterious, so there was a lot of room to create.”

Each year, the Advanced Dance I students hold this showcase specifically for ARC. In return, some members of ARC performed in a bell choir for the dancers.
Throughout the performance the audience was very involved and vocalized their opinions.

“They would yell out ‘Oh so beautiful’ or ‘Wow’ and that just made me feel really good,” Oman said.

At the end of the show, the dancers invited the audience on stage to dance with them.

“It just makes you realize that many people take what they have for granted, and these people are so amazing despite what they go through.” Mia Ray ’14 “It’s just really rewarding to see.”