Seniors present photography in ‘Best of Three’ show


By Ingrid Chang

Family members, strangers, oddly-shaped bell peppers and cats are among the subject matter of the senior photography show, “The Best of Three,” which began on Monday.

The name is a play on both the name of the class, Advanced Photography III, and the number of sections the show was divided into.

The showcase features three separate sections: “You Are My Hero,” “Homage to Edward Weston,” and “The Best of Three.”

For the You Are My Hero assignment, students photographed someone or something they considered a hero and wrote an accompanying paragraph explaining their choice.

Among the hero photos are pictures of a parent who is a doctor, a pet cat, and even a self-portrait.

Bruno Seros-Ulloa ’10 chose himself as the subject of his hero project.

“I don’t live my life thinking about who I want to be like, so I decided to choose myself because that’s all I really can be,” he said.

Edward Weston, a photographer in the 1930s known for his monumental close-up photos, inspired the second part of the show.

“I challenged the kids by saying: it’s been 80 years since he took those pictures, the technology has improved considerably. Let’s see what you can do,” photography teacher Kevin O’Malley said.

John Billingsley ’10 photographed a bell pepper, which he edited to be black and white and to have high contrast.

“I tried to imitate his dramaticism,” he said.

The Best of Three is made up of work that the seniors have not displayed before, some of which they put into their college portfolios or submitted to the Spotlight Awards.

Each student chose a photograph from the school year or over the summer to display.