JV Roundup


By David Kolin

The JV girls’ basketball team has only lost one game this season.

The team’s record is currently 7-1. The team has won five of it games by at least 27 points.

Against Birmingham, the JV team won by four times the opponent’s score. The score of the game was 64-16. Against Westlake, the JV team prevailed by only five points.

The team’s only loss was to West Torrance in the South Torrance tournament. The score of the game was 27-23.

“We’re really trying to foster the idea of all five,” Brooke Levin ’12 said. All five is the concept that fans, substitutes, and players all make up the team.

To train during the season, girls lift weights and do drills.

The team will continue to play in the Burbank Tournament, which started Monday and will go on through Saturday. They will open league play Jan. 7 against Chaminade, who they defeated in both matchups last season, by scores of 34-25 and 37-34.