Two athletes receive

By Jonah Rosenbaum

Two Wolverine athletes were recently suspended for Mission League games after being ejected. Basketball player Nate Bulluck ’10 was tossed after an altercation in a game against Notre Dame.

“A Notre Dame player grabbed my throat. I responded by yelling at him and I made a poor choice in the language I chose to use. I really should not have said anything and just let the ref handle it. I took a situation that could have been an advantage for us and made it an advantage for an opponent. I deserved to be ejected from the game,” Bulluck said.

CIF rules dictate that an athlete who is ejected must sit out his team’s next game, so Bulluck was forced to watch the Wolverines victory over Crespi from the bench.

“That was really tough to just watch and not be able to help my teammates. I learned a valuable lesson about controlling my emotions. Luckily we were able to pull out the win, but I put my team in a bad situation and I can’t do that again,” Bulluck said.

Soccer player Ethan Mark ’11 was suspended six games after an altercation with a Loyola player during the Harvard-Westlake Loyola soccer game at Ted Slavin field on Jan. 11.

According to Mark, the Loyola player grabbed Mark below the waist and a scrum between the two players ensued. Mark received a red card and was immediatly ejected from the game.