Council votes to keep study hall mandatory

By Noelle Lyons

The Sports Council voted in January to continue mandatory after-school study halls for students with late practices or evening games, despite the suggestion of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee to make study hall optional for athletes.

The Student Athletic Advisory Council had been getting complaints from student athletes who felt that the study halls were not necessary and that they wanted to decide for themselves how to spend the time after school before games or practices.

Some athletes said they can’t always finish what they need to get done in the library, which is where athletes are required to spend the study hall period.

Student athletes are not obligated to do homework or study while they are in the library.

After deliberation, the members of the Sports Council voted to keep study hall mandatory. The school administration then accepted the Council’s recommendation.

“Discussions about study hall are on-going and the school will continue to monitor the issue,” Head of the Advisory Council Terry Barnum said.