Psychologist stops middle school assembly


By Nick Pritzker

Former upper and middle school bookstore assistant and middle school librarian, Mary Noell, died of a blood clot on Jan. 28.

She was feeling sick on Thursday afternoon and was rushed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a blood clot between her heart and lung.

Noell died later that night.

Noell came to Harvard Westlake in 1997, and worked at the upper school bookstore.

She transferred to the middle school bookstore in 2006.

Noell later changed positions and began working in the middle school library and tech center.

She retired in 2008.

“She was a great person,” Head of the Upper School Bookstore Irma Hernandez said. “She was really helpful and great with all the kids.”

“Mary was more than an employee; she was a friend to all who loved her,” Head of Middle School Bookstore Tina Cleveland said. “She had a smile that would lighten up a dim room, she had a spirit of love and kindness and she was willing to help with any task that was put before her. She loved her children and grandchildren; she spoke of them all the time.”

Noell loved to garden, read books and help people, and gave Cleveland advice about how to stay healthy, Cleveland said.

“Mary always was a breath of sunshine and pleasant to be around,” Cleveland said. “We will miss her.”

“Mary always had a bright smile on her face,” middle school librarian Carolyn Zucker said. “She was always optimistic and loved working at Harvard-Westlake.”