Art classes display portraits in gallery

Tara Stone

Large sketches created by the Drawing and Painting I class were taken down from the walls of Rugby Hall on Dec. 12, to be replaced by artwork from the Drawing and Painting II class.

Drawing and Painting II students, whose work is now showing, have been studying concepts from the Expressionist and Cubist movements. They have studied Picasso and Schiele.

The first assignment was a self-portrait using heavy charcoal and India ink. Students used paints for the first time in the class to create any expressionist image they wanted in the second assignment.

Drawing and Painting I students created sketches which were shown along with their final versions.

Artists used graphite and charcoal to create intricate images that reflected the concepts of perspective and depth.

“It was really exciting because we were all creating something huge and I’d never really done art on such a large scale before,” said Jake Raynis ’14.