Seniors learn to sew

By Alex Edel

After walking out of the senior seminar on “Mending and Sewing, students had the tools and materials to mend a seam and sew on a button. Costume Designer Lisa Peters had two pieces of cloth, a box that held 200 different safety pins and a box containing colors of thread, scissors, needles small buttons and various colors of thread for each student.

Peters started the seminar with the basics, putting thread through needles. She taught the attendees to do a simple stitch that would mend any ripped seam in a very short amount of time. The seminar’s aim was to teach students to be able to manage clothing disasters by themselves.

“When I went home that night I sewed together a hole in my sweatpants and I sewed a button on one of my sweaters,” Alex Glancy ’10 said. “I felt so productive fixing my own clothes.”

Peters also gave each person a packet with information on how to wash clothing and a table to help organize a cleaning schedule for dorms and bathrooms.