Departments add many new courses

By Eli Haims


In the past four years, numerous new classes have been added to the curriculum, ranging from Advanced Placement Chinese to Studies in Scientific Research.

The foreign language department has added AP Chinese, Directed Studies in Greek, Directed Studies in Italian, French Literature Honors and Latin Literature Honors.

The two honors literature courses were created to replace AP French Literature and AP Latin Literature, which were canceled by the College Board due to a lack of interest. Simona Ghirlanda, who designed and teaches French Literature Honors, was appalled when the class was cut, but believes that the new class has been a huge success.

The history department added Directed Studies in Historical Research to their course listing last year. The class will be larger this year than last year, but it will still remain smaller than most other classes. It will be taught in a seminar style.

The math department has replaced AP Computer Science AB with Honors Computer Science: Design and Data Structures. AP Computer Science was also cut by the College Board due to a lack of enrollment.

Meteorology, Studies in Scientific Research and Geology Honors have been added to the list of courses offered by the science department. Larry Axelrod, the Upper School Science Department Head, said that SSR, which used to be a directed studies course, and Geology Honors have been the most successful.

“The enrollment was quite high and the classes are very successful and popular,” he said.