Boys water polo team plays with Italian host team in Imperia, Italy

By Daniel Kim

During the summer, Head Water Polo Coach Robert Lynn and the boys’ varsity water polo team packed their bags and went to Italy to gain a new perspective on water polo.

The teams left for Italy on Aug. 5 and spent two weeks there. They engaged in vigorous training and spent around five to seven hours in the pool every day playing and working with their Italian host team, Imperia.

Unlike in America, water polo is considered one of the top sports in Italy.

Members of the varsity water polo teams continually trained and practiced to advance their understanding of the game while also bonding with their teammates.

“They’re ahead of the game and that’s why we went there,” Coach Lynn said. “In Italy, water polo is work for them, not fun.”

Now the boys’ team seems more focused during practice and weight training, both the coach and weight trainers said.

“That rhythm we were in was what we wanted. It was the whole reason for going there as well as competing with the Italian team there to help us gain some experience,” Lynn said.

Imperia’s players were around the same age as those on Wolverine water polo team but there were some older professional players that played on the team as well.

“There’s a mountain of work that needs to be done with [the boys’ team] and we’re on the base of the mountain walking up,” Lynn said. “If you really want to play this sport at a high level, you’ve got to be willing to sacrifice and change and work.”

Though teams like Newport and Loyola may worry the boys’ team, the coach has a positive outlook on the new season with the new team.

“We aren’t going to cower down. We’re going to fight, and by fight I mean outwork, out-understand, and be disciplined and protect each other,” Lynn said.

The new younger boys’ varsity water polo team has a lot of work ahead of it if it plans to make it as far as the team made it last year. Coach Lynn plans on keeping the team training consistently and maintaining the same attitude that they brought back from Italy.

“Our approach is that we are going to be fearless,” Lynn said. “We’re ready to work hard and we’ll face any challenges that will come our way.