Joe-Wong ’08 wins award at Princeton

By Daniel Kim

Carlee Joe-Wong ’08 won the George B. Legacy award at Princeton University, which is awarded to a senior. Joe-Wong is beginning her senior year after only two years at Princeton.

“I should be going into my junior year at Princeton, but I used AP credits to effectively skip sophomore year and graduate in three years. So I’m going into my senior year right now, and last year counted as my junior year,” Joe-Wong said.

The George B. Legacy award is presented to a member of the senior class for his or her accomplishments in the junior year.

Joe-Wong shares this award with Vishal Chanani, another senior at Princeton.

“I just got an email randomly saying that I was selected as the winner,” Joe-Wong said. “I felt really happy and honored. I was not expecting this kind of recognition.”

Math teacher Kevin Weis heard about Joe-Wong’s achievement and congratulated her as soon as he could. Joe-Wong took three classes with Weiss: Advanced Seminar, Directed Studies, and an Independent Study on abstract algebra.

“It was my great pleasure and honor to teach Carlee in three classes,” Weis said. “I certainly knew that Carlee was an exceptionally gifted student when I was teaching her. Honestly I think this is only the beginning of the amazing things we are going to see from Carlee.”

Her sister, Claresta, valedictorian of the Class of 2010, is currently a freshman at Princeton.