Dean gives up New York state of mind

By David Kolin

 While she was living in New York, Upper School Dean Tamar Adegbile used her car horn all the time, but she no longer uses it.

“When the light changes here, people don’t move automatically,” Adegbile said. “In New York, people step on the gas as soon as the light changes, and if you don’t, someone will honk at you.”

Since coming to Los Angeles, Adegbile said that she has become more patient. She moved to Los Angeles in order to enjoy the more temperate climate, and she came to Harvard-Westlake in 2003. Harvard-Westlake’s reputation and the opportunity to be a dean and college counselor made this school appealing, Adegbile said.

In addition to being a dean, Adegbile said she also has an unusual talent; she has a surprisingly good “celebrity sense.” She is able to spot celebrities even when they are not in close proximity to her.

“I am not particularly star-struck, but I just happen to always notice people,” Adegbile said.

Among the famous people that Adegbile has spotted are singer Mark McGrath and actor Harry Hamlin.

Adegbile spotted McGrath while he was driving in a convertible in the opposite direction. McGrath is currently the lead singer of the band Sugar Ray and has been co-host of the television series “Extra.”

She recognized Hamlin when he was driving in the car in front of her. Hamlin is best known for his roles as Perseus in the 1981 movie “Clash of the Titans.”

Before coming to Harvard-Westlake, Adegbile worked at Columbia University in college admissions for five years and then worked at Riverdale Country School in New York for three years.

Adegbile’s baby is due at the end of October. While Adegbile is on maternity leave for three months, her advisees will be split among the other deans.