Boys’ basketball season update

Chronicle Staff

By Judd Liebman

With a 79-66 win over Notre Dame on Wednesday, the boys’ basketball team tallied its 16th win in a row. The Wolverines, now 8-0 in league, look to keep their momentum going and focus on working the inside game against the Chaminade Eagles on Feb. 2, starting forward Josh Hearlihy ’12 said.

Hearlihy had 21 points against the Notre Dame Knights and has consistently been among the top Wolverine scorers, averaging almost 16 points per game. Center Zena Edosomwan ’12 is the only Wolverine averaging more than Hearlihy, with 17 points per game.

The Wolverine offense has for the most part revolved around forward Damiene Cain ’11 in the beginning of the season. Cain is averaging a double-double with 14.5 points and 10.8 rebounds per game.

Sitting atop the Mission League and fourth in California Division III-A, the team needs to keep focused and not get comfortable, Hearlihy said.

“The Mission League is so competitive that we can’t take a night off,” he said.

The team’s keys to success have been their hard work both on and off the court coupled with a strong balance of inside and outside treats. Teamwork has also been a big focus for the team in its development, Hearlihy said.

“This year we are much more of a unit; [we] are much more cohesive,” he said.

For now, the Wolverines need to “keep on task, and not take any time off and get overconfident because of the undefeated record,” Hearlihy said.