Rishi Bagrodia ’12

1. If you are running for the Head Prefect Position and do not win will you also run for Senior Class Prefect? If not, why?


2. What makes you feel that you are qualified for the position? Please describe any leadership experiences you’ve had, if applicable.

As a Sophomore and Junior Prefect, I feel I have learned the techniques and precision required in running events, dealing with daily school activities, and sitting on the Honor Board. As President of the Chess Club, I have not only acquired skills like effective communication with external bodies but also a management of stress that is inherent in such events. Finally, when I was Captain of the Varsity B fencing team, I enhanced the aforementioned skills in a more competitive environment, giving me more experience as a leader. 

3. How do you feel about the Honor Board and what has led you to feel this way?

My time on the Honor Board has led me to the conclusion that the Honor Board does a great job in dealing with each infraction individually and personally. By considering the entire situation and the actual infraction, the Honor Board helps students reintegrate back into the community rather than hinder students’ progress by doling out preconceived punishments. I think it is also important to note the open communication the Honor Board has with the community and the unity that directly derives from that communication. This being said, I would like to eliminate the misleading negative and severe connotation the Honor Board carries with it, and replace it with a more accurate notion that defines the board as more of a protective entity for the students.

4. Please describe one thing in Harvard-Westlake’s community you would change. Also, how would you use the influence of the position of Head Prefect to change our community?

Harvard-Westlake pushes us to be our best and thus we excel in our future endeavors, but the success we obtain comes with a life full of stress and work. One thing I would change in our community would be the little things that add unnecessary pressure on our already busy schedules. For example, completing daily homework assignments takes a huge amount of time, as well as athletic commitments and other extracurricular activities. What I would try to do is facilitate the completion of homework assignments by creating online blogs or chat rooms for specific classes to share ideas and summarize tough assignments by working together. As Head Prefect, I would take advantage of the open communication with the administration to push for things that are important to the community. Furthermore, if permitted, I would readily join administration or faculty meetings on relevant issues to make sure the community’s voice is heard.