Events enable over 30 students to complete service requirement

By Catherine Wang

Community Council organized six service events over the past three weekends.

Six students wrote letters and assembled care packages for soldiers at an Operation Gratitude event March 5.

“It was really meaningful that the students got the opportunity to write letters to soldiers, because it’s a means of directly thanking them for their efforts,” Community Council member Jessica Barzilay ’12 said.

Six students taught middle school students and their families computer skills with the non-profit organization Computers for Youth, a national organization that gives computers to low income students’ families and hosts day-long workshops to teach these families how to use the computers.

The event was held on March 5 at Vaughn Charter Middle School and on March 12 at Bert Corona Middle School.

“I couldn’t believe that most of the people hadn’t used computers before,” Jacqueline Sir ’11 said. “It gave me a new perspective.”

Nine students played sports with mentally and physically disabled children at an event with Kids Enjoy Exercise Now on March 13.

Nine more students prepared lunches and distributed them to homeless people March 13 and 20 at the Ocean Park Community Center in Santa Monica.

Seven students and members of the Environmental Club, planted trees and hacked weeds at an event with the non-profit organization Tree People in Calabasas March 19.