Peer Support adviser announces trainees for 2011-2012 school year

Twenty-seven sophomores were selected to be trainees in the Peer Support program next year, Peer Support adviser and counselor Luba Bek said in an email last Wednesday. Bek said that 70 students applied to be trainees.

Trainees will receive instruction in a class, which will meet one period per cycle, and from Peer Support leaders on how to best lead a Peer Support group.

2011-2012 Peer Support Trainees
Laurel Aberle

Ali Bloomgarden

Hugo de Castro-Aberger

Catherine Davis

Theodora Davis

Brenda Flores

Nicole Green

Nicolas Healy

Maddie Lear

Deborah Melamud

JT Mindlin

Andrew Meepos

Mikaila Mitchel

Gregg Myerson

Bronty O’Leary

Thomas Oser

Raymond Schorr

Camille Shooshani

Hunter Stanley

Ric Tennenbaum

Anthony Thompson

Erica Ursin-Smith

Miranda Van Iderstine

Alan Vucetic

Michael Wagmeister

Jacob Weiss

Sam Wolk