Fanatic Fest to include Luau Day

By Rebecca Nussbaum

The annual Fanatic Fest was held last week during the days leading up to Homecoming on Oct. 1.

Familiar dress up days include Monday’s ‘80s day, Tuesday’s sports day and Friday’s colors day, where sophomores wear red, juniors wear white and seniors wear black. Each year the Fanatics choose the theme for one day, and this year Head Fanatic Kristen Lee ’12 suggested that Wednesday be Luau Day. 

Social committee hosted festivities all week, including Jamba Juice and dancing during Monday’s break and a pep-rally and school wide scavenger hunt on Friday. 

Just because Fanatic Fest is a tradition doesn’t mean that it is static. 

“Oh, there will be surprises,” Head Fanatic Jake Schapiro’12 said. “For sure.”