Water bottles reintroduced in cafeteria

By Arielle Maxner

The cafeteria resumed sale of plastic bottled water Oct. 31, as part of the Green Campaign, an effort to make the campus more environmentally conscious and friendly, led by the Environmental Club and the Prefect Council.

Though it may seem counterintuitive to sell water bottles to help the environment, Head Prefects Rishi Bagrodia ’12 and Brooke Levin ’12 said that “water bottle companies have made concrete steps towards reducing the plastic used in their bottles, whereas other drink companies have not. Therefore, it is more environmentally sound (and nutritiously beneficial) to bring water bottles back, and focus our ‘going green’ efforts in other areas.”

Additionally, pre-filled re-useable Harvard-Westlake water bottles will be sold in the cafeteria to encourage environmental friendliness.

Other initiatives to go green include switching to biodegradable bowls, cups, plates and utensils in the cafeteria and increasing the number of recycle bins on campus.