Prefects to inform via website

By Arielle Maxner

The Prefect Council is creating a website to continually keep students updated about what the prefects are doing.

“We have been devoting a lot of time to getting that up because we know it’s important to have information available to students,” Head Prefect Brooke Levin ’12 said. “This will help communication and help keep students updated with what’s going on.”

Part of the website will be a monthly or bimonthly newsletter, Levin said, which will give full updates of the Prefect Council’s current projects. The website will also include contact pages for all of the prefects.

“There will be areas for suggestions, anything that we’re working on and what goes on in the Prefect Council meetings,” Levin said. “We’re excited about that.”

“We want to make the students’ lives easier,” Head Prefect Rishi Bagrodia ’12 said. “So we’ll include information like class meeting venues, a calendar of events, applications for committees, event descriptions, stuff like that. We’re hopeful that we can have the Daily Bulletin on the site.”

Additionally, the prefects are working to integrate the website with other sites, including They also wish to include links to external sites, so “students can go to one place and get a lot of information,” Levin said.

Currently, Bagrodia is coding the website with help from Austin Chan ’13. So far, Bagrodia has created an email response form, an automatic contact page linking to the Prefect Council email and an upload and download page for committee applications. Making applications available online is also a part of the Green Initiative, Bagrodia said.

Bagrodia said he also hopes to have traffic updates available on the website and is working on this individually, but it is not a priority.