Physicist speaks about beginning of universe, life

By Ana Scuric

Researcher and UCLA physics professor Katsushi Arisaka discussed his theories of the origins of the universe and life during break on Nov. 7.

“Why are we here today?” Arisaka asked. To answer this fundamental question, he divided the discussion into four parts: the origin of particles, the origin of structure, the origin of life and the origin of consciousness.

To start, Arisaka went back billions of years to the formation of the universe and the big bang theory.

“I was shocked when I was doing research on the beginnings of the universe,” Arisaka said. “It took 14 billion years. What is the process from the beginning to today? There was a beginning, there was nothing. We have no clue how to create something from nothing.”

Arisaka concluded his presentation with life advice for the attending students.

“If you want to be a scientist like me, think broad and study all subjects in high school,” Arisaka said. “It’ll pay off for whatever subject you go into. It will give you enough foundation to enjoy everything today.”