Prefect Council plans semiformal alternative

By Arielle Maxner

The Prefect Council has administrative approval to create a community event to replace semiformal under some strict guidelines.

Last year, the administration canceled the semiformal event because of the platform it provided for alcohol consumption at an unofficial afterparty. The administration, after meeting with the deans, has consequently placed restrictions on the potential replacement event, requiring that there must be no fancy attire, no limos, the event would be held on campus and there would be no amplified music outside past 8 p.m.

“The prefects have been brainstorming ideas to create an event that follows these restrictions but is still appealing and fun for the student body,” Head Prefects Rishi Bagrodia ’12 and Brooke Levin ’12 said in an email.

Potential events include a charity event called the “HW I Heart Event,” or a ’50s throwback event.

The “HW I Heart Event” would take place in February around Valentine’s Day, they said.

“We would essentially be selecting a charity to be our school’s Valentine,” the Head Prefects said. “This event would support charity through various activities on the night of and leading up to the event. We envision having food trucks lining the track and having the main part of the event take place in the gym.”

The ’50s throwback event would have a movie projected on the field and the “gym completely decorated with ’50s regalia,” Bagrodia and Levin said.

However, no ideas are final, and the prefects are open to suggestions from the entire student body.

The prefects hope that their idea will become a new school tradition.