Girls’ hoops rebuilds after 9 seniors graduate

By Camille Shooshani

Two years ago, the girls’ basketball team fought all the way to the state finals and won. Against all odds, after the loss of eight seniors, last year’s team pressed itself into the CIF finals. Nine seniors graduated last June, and 2010 CIF Coach of the Year Melissa Hearlihy once again faces the daunting task of acclimating seven new players.

“We need three or four weeks to figure out who we are,” Hearlihy said. “We do believe that [winning league] is attainable, we just have a lot to accomplish before we get there.”

Natalie Florescu ’13, Brooke Levin ’12 and Leslie Schuman ’12 are the only returning varsity players this year.

“It’s definitely our year to step up, and I’m really excited about this team,” starting point guard Florescu said. “I feel like this team will have a different fire to it. We’re pretty young but we maintain the same principles.”

“I think we have a lot of potential, but we have to work on building up the team,” Ana Scuric ’13 said. “There are a lot of new people, but I feel like we can get really far.”

The team’s biggest league competitor will be Chaminade. Last year, the girls split the season with the Eagles, defeating them to win in league.

“It’ll definitely be a challenge but we work hard and we can get there,” Alixx Lucas ’13 said.