Students create, screen 2 PSAs

By Aaron Lyons

The Righteous Conversation Project, a program created by four Harvard-Westlake students which joins Holocaust survivors and teens to address injustices in the world, screened two public service announcements created by the teens and Holocaust survivors.

The PSAs were part of a pilot program started by RCP.

The program was created last year with support from Remember Us, a non-profit organization that pairs bar and bat mitzvah aged kids with children who perished in the Holocaust.

The teens’ bar and bat mitzvah services are then dedicated to the children killed.

The students worked on their public service announcements for a week with the Holocaust survivors.

Rebecca Hutman ’12 said the public service announcements are a way to pair teens with Holocaust survivors to create something that confronts modern day social problems.

“When you hear something that violent and unjustified, you want to do something, and you want to respond,” Hutman said.

One of the public service announcements was “Love Our Families,” starring and written by Xochi Maberry-Gaulke ’12 and Anjoum Agrama, a student at Marlborough School, and produced by Gabe Benjamin ’11. The PSA addresses unethical treatment of gay couples.

The other announcement was “Learn the Difference,” which aimed to make consumers concious of the background of the goods they purchase.

It was written by Hutman, Adam Yaron ’16 and India Wilson, a student at Crossroads School, and produced by Nick Lieberman ’11.