Performing arts teacher to possibly appear on Oprah Winfrey Network

By Camille Shooshani

The Oprah Winfrey Network  invited students to fill Hamilton Gym Jan. 8 in support of performing arts teacher Ted Walch, who could make an appearance on the network.

The “Untitled Upper Ground Series” focuses on teachers and mentors. On Sunday, OWN will host a “spirit day” for Walch that could be included in the show and solidify his chances to make an appearance.

OWN filmed a Cinema Studies class today after an alumnus nominated Walch for an appearance on the network.

 “I’m embarrassed and honored,” Walch said. “I’m usually the director and a teacher and I like to be in control, but when I realized how it came to be I knew I should just say, ‘wow, thank you.’”

Nick Lieberman ’11 nominated Walch for the show. Walch has worked with Lieberman since his sophomore year.

“I’ve directed him, we’ve directed plays together, he’s been in my Cinema Studies, my directed study in cinema and now he’s team teaching [with me] from time to time,” Walch said.

A camera crew followed Walch through campus Friday afternoon and filmed his interactions with students and will also interview Walch with President Tom Hudnut and Lieberman.