Don’t make us empty promises

Semiformal had hype. That’s one reason it was popular, and a big reason it’s been missed. At the opening ceremony on the first day of school this September, the Prefects ushered us into the school year by telling us that we are the students who get to establish a lasting tradition that we really want. We would be a pioneer class of sorts, “making our mark” on our community. And we were into it.

The surveys distributed in class meetings that asked for our ideas for the replacement event indicated that things were moving in the right direction. So what happened? We haven’t heard anything since.

A single survey doesn’t mean much. Even if only some of us filled it out, the efforts shouldn’t have stopped there. Tell us what other people proposed. Ask us questions along the way. At least let us know how far along the planning is.

Instead, we are completely in the dark. Insubstantial rumors float around, but we have yet to learn anything concrete, let alone actually contribute to the planning.

Without even knowing the expected date, or whether it will happen at all, it is impossible for us to generate the excitement upon which a successful event is built.

Hopefully, it’s not too late. Our weekend schedules are filling up. Unlike the semiformal that occurred the same weekend each year, no one knows which Saturday to keep open.

We really do want an event, a moment in the year to pause and do something fun, but if the planners don’t keep us in the loop, we have little motivation to show up when, or if, it happens. It’s not our event, not the customized tradition the Prefects guaranteed in September.

If the Prefects meant all along that they were going to fill the void of semiformal, then that’s one thing, but democracy was dangled before us and never followed through.

Don’t make promises that only let us down.