Beijing No. 12 administrators study AP classes

By Lara Sokoloff

Five teachers from a Beijing high school will observe classes at the Upper and Middle Schools this week to help establish their AP curriculum. Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said she hopes this is the beginning of what will hopefully be a long-term friendship.

Associate Head of School Audrius Barzdukas piloted the program, working to create the itinerary for the educators from Beijing No. 12.

Teachers were given a list of all AP classes every period of the day and have the opportunity to sit in on any of them. Harvard-Westlake teachers will also speak to the educators about “Their Approach to AP.”

“Their principal and teachers were delighted to have been invited to observe the best practices at Harvard-Westlake, and I believe that we (and by extension our students) will benefit from an ongoing dialogue with them,” said Huybrechts in a message to the faculty.

The teachers initially planned to visit in October but were delayed due to problems with visas. The school began building a relationship with Beijing No. 12 two summers ago when Huybrechts and President Thomas Hudnut first visited the school.