SAAC organizes 24-team dodgeball tournament

By Patrick Ryan

A dodgeball tournament sponsored by the Student-Athlete Advisory Council began last week and will continue for the next four Mondays before Spring Break. Langston McElroy ’12 and Matt Wolfen ’12 brought up the idea early in the school year.

“The biggest goal was to promote SAAC,” McElroy said. “We knew [dodgeball] was very popular at the Middle School, and we knew that it would give SAAC a bigger spotlight if we brought it to the Upper School. It was a really good way to bring the upper school community together.”

SAAC worked with the Prefect Council and the Planning Committee to run the tournament. Each game is held during break on Monday.

“Since there is only one break a week at the Upper School, there have to be four games going on at a time,” SAAC member Davey Hartmeier ’14 said.

The school administration made a rule that there must be at least two of each gender on each team.

SAAC made the official seeding of the tournament, pairing the highest seeded teams against the lowest seeded teams. SAAC hoped that this would match the best teams up against each other towards the final rounds.

“We ranked the teams based on the athletes that we knew, how talented they were, and the personnel that each team had,” McElroy said.

Teams Derick ‘n’ Friendz, Tune Squad, Dodge So Hard and ReLax beat their opponent last week and teams Rogue Squadron, TK Funzone, Montreal Stinging Cobras and The Creamery beat their opponents this week, advancing to the second round.