Exhibit showcases sketches from life drawing classes

By Elana Zeltser

Munching on complimentary mini muffins, students, faculty and parents took a last look at the senior Life Drawing exhibit in Feldman-Horn during a closing art Jan. 30 at break.

The exhibit included portraits featuring model Patty Arquette. Drawing and Painting III teachers Marianne Hall and Kevin O’Malley hired Arquette to come class for two and a half weeks, and seniors drew her nude in various positions.

“She did sustained poses that would take about two class periods of her sitting or standing in one position,” Hall said. “Then she would do gesture poses for about 15 seconds each.”

Hall said students drew detailed portraits involving shading and close detail of the sustained poses, whereas they focused on capturing the movement and flow of her gesture poses. Drawing with a model was a change of pace for the students, many of whom had never worked with a live subject before.

“It is a lot more natural than you would think,” Nicky Hirschhorn ’12 said. “You are looking at her like a series of lines to draw and not as a naked woman in front of you.”

The class put a strong focus on learning how to realistically depict the body.

“It was worth it,” Connie Lee ’12 said. “Everyone got better at drawing the human form.”

The class will now move on to concentration projects, where students will work with their own portfolios of work to create new art. The gallery will next feature pictures taken by students in Photo III.