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    Thursday, April 19 at 7 p.m.,

    Saturday, April 21 at 8 p.m., Sunday, April 22 at 2 p.m.



    By Elana Zeltser ‘13

    “Arc is the story of two girls helping each other through turning points in their lives and finding the strength to make some pretty important decisions. I love how brave Joan of Arc was, despite her age and the terrible positions she was put in. Even though she fought in wars dressed like a man, she still had the problems of a teenage girl.” 


    A Dollar a Point

    by Cathy Mayer ‘12

    “[The play] is about a guy who kids pay to take their SATs for them. I thought it would be kind of fun to do because it’s kind of an interesting topic. It’s looking less at the whole issue of morality and more looking at the way high school focuses on things that are maybe aren’t so important in the long run, like SAT scores.”


     Ocean, Desert, Arctic, Ocean

    by Hank Doughan ‘12

    “My play is a silent play where a man and a woman go on a journey together through different regions. They start in the ocean and go to the desert and then the arctic region and the ocean. I was inspired by Samuel Beckett’s one act plays.” 


    A Melody of Spring

    by Tara Joshi ‘11

    “My play is about a lonely landlady. One day a prospective tenant comes. Basically, she ends up giving him the space mostly because he reminds her of her son. My brother had an internship a few years ago downtown, and he stayed with this Persian lady named Faye, and she was very controlling, very maternal, but kind of in a creepy way, because she wasn’t his mom. I got inspiration from that.”


    Pope Fiction

    by Natalie Markiles ‘13

    “My play is basically about the reelection of a new pope and the chaos that ensues from within the papal conclave. I like reading about the Vatican and such, so I think that’s kind of interesting so I thought it would be fun.” 



    by Cory Batchler ‘13

    “I was reading a lot about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and then I heard about how it got shut down pretty violently. I thought it could make a really cool story. The play is basically about a young journalism student who goes down to the movement trying to write an article and he ends up getting swept up in the movement.”




    Friday, April 20 at 7 p.m.,

    Saturday, April 21 at 2 p.m., Sunday, April 22 at 7 p.m. 


    The Nightshift at Gooseneck

    by Rebecca Moretti ‘11

    “The story is about a young man who works at a bar at a famous hotel in Boston. It’s basically set the night before he’s going to go to Paris. It’s about how people have dreams and they follow their dreams. But, most of them don’t actually go and do it.”


    By Wyatt Kroopf ’12

    “[The play] is about two guys in a car and they’re not really talking about much, and then they decide to go to a cave, and one of the guys tries to stay there and become a Neanderthal and they get into a fight about that. I read a lot of absurdist plays. It’s more about the rhythm of the language.”

    The Keeping

    by Daniele Wieder ’12

    “The one act follows the story of four women serving in the Navy during World War II and their transitions from working women of the ‘40s to housewives of the ‘50s. This play is one part of a series of one acts I have written. The goal of this project is to dramatize and make accessible some of the richest, but often overlooked, parts of women’s history.”


    Under the Table

    By Alex Gura ’12

    “[My play] is about a man who lives under a table, and he is stuck there because of the malevolent actions of a second man who lives in the shadows and who seeks to keep him under the table. He meets a woman who comes from a world outside the table who tries to bring him out from under the table. It’s exploring perspectives and a metaphor for growing up and experiencing life and for conquering fear.”


    The Good Life

    By Leland Frankel ’12

    “My play is about two very different people. One of them a sort of confident, free-wheeling hippie, and the other a very cynical, self-conscious charity worker, who happen to meet and their resulting clash of wills over life, death, love and the like. Just thinking about the big picture and taking a moment. I wanted to tackle some of the bigger themes. I wanted to find what kind of characters I could use to express such big ideas and such big concepts.”


    Scene Monkeys, the upper school improv group, will also perform in both Series A and Series B. Tickets are available at the bookstore and at

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