Softball defends undefeated record in Lincoln school tournament

By David Kolin

The softball team has held opposing teams to less than two runs in four of the seven games it has played this season. The team’s record is 5-1-1, as results from Tuesday’s game against Village Christian were not available at press time.

The team’s biggest victory so far this season was a 21-0 shutout against Glendale in the Lincoln High School Tournament.

“[During that game], we just all came together and we were able to pick each other up a lot,” shortstop and pitcher Chloe Pendergast ’13 said. “If one person got a hit, the next person would be able to pick them up and get another hit. It was just very continuous.”

In the Lincoln High School Tournament, the Wolverines won three of four games, with the game against Bell-Jeff High School ending in an 8-8 tie. The team was missing two of its starting infielders during the game because of SAT testing.

“The coaches have been emphasizing more team leadership and looking to get better as a team rather than working for yourself,” Pendergast said. “I think since it’s the beginning of the season we are not all used to working with each other. I think we just need to work on working together as a team and not getting down on ourselves for the little things we do wrong.”

The new fielding coach, Bianca Mejia, has been working with the girls on the technical aspects of the game, helping with their hitting as well as their fielding.

“The girls really look up to [Mejia],” captain and pitcher Lauren Li ’12 said. “She takes the sport very seriously. That just adds to the intensity that the team has.”

So far this season, Li has maintained a .850 batting average after six games. Last year, Li was the only pitcher, but this year, she is part of a three-pitcher rotation with Pendergast and Maddie Kaplan ’14.

During the second game on Saturday, against San Fernando, Pendergast only allowed three hits the entire game and struck out four batters.

The team will face its biggest rival, Chaminade, on March 23 at home. Its next game is this Friday against Highland in the Lancaster Tournament.