Courses no longer offered due to decreased enrollment

By Keane Muraoka-Robertson

Ten classes will no longer be offered as part of the curriculum next year due to low enrollment.

Courses that will be eliminated from the curriculum next year include Contemporary American History, Directed Study: Historical Research, Geometry, Glass and Meteorology. Additionally, Advanced Placement Government and Politics: Comparative will no longer be offered during second semester and Directed Study: Social Psychology will not be offered first semester.

With the addition of the Kutler Center’s new classes next year, past classes have declined in popularity.

“There are a lot of new courses this coming year and the teachers’ time is needed elsewhere,” Upper School History Department Head Katherine Holmes-Chuba said of the two cuts in the history curriculum.

“Contemporary American History was such a great class because everything we learned was incredibly relevant to modern politics and current events,” Allison Hamburger ’12 said. “It was the most engaging history class I’ve ever been in.”

The Foreign Language Department will cut Chinese I, Latin I and Spanish I from its course offerings.

However, as the decision about which classes will be offered is made on a yearly enrollment basis, it is possible these classes will be reinstated next year.

“We usually just offer one Level I class,” Upper School Foreign Language Department Chair Paul Chenier said. “It’s no different than other years.”

The following classes are also closed to enrollment: Algebra II with Analysis, Advanced Placement Geography, Advanced Placement Statistics, Advanced Placement World History, Business & Life, Criminal Law: Appeals, Directed Study: Social Psychology, Honors Geology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Math Seminar and Psychology.