Prefect Council launches website to improve communication with student body

By Michael Sugerman

The Prefect Council launched its own website under the Harvard-Westlake domain Wednesday evening  to “facilitate communications and share events, news and new initiatives” according to an email addressed to upper school students.

There are more amenities to come, but the council wants to test run the site and get student feedback on the “hotspot for all Prefect Council electronic activity.”

At this point, students will be able to access profiles on each member of the prefecture. There is also a tab dedicated to the Honor Board, under which a description of the board can be found in addition to an archive of Honor Board recommendations.

The site also displays the Prefect Council’s monthly newsletters on its front page. These memos cover “Daily Student Life,” (retail discounts, initiatives in process, etc.), “Recent Campus Changes,” “Changes in the Cafeteria” and “Technology Development.”

With the website, the prefecture invites the student body to voice its opinion on council initiatives, an effort that was mentioned frequently throughout the campaign for Junior and Senior Prefect spots earlier this month.

“I think the website has a lot of potential,” 2012-2013 Junior Prefect Henry Hahn said. “I think the thing that we’re going to have to do as a council is encourage people to get on the site and use it frequently. People usually have a routine when they log onto the Internet. They check their email, go on Facebook…we’ll have to find ways to incorporate the site into people’s daily internet dealings.”

Hahn also suggested that ideally, it would be interesting to link the webpage with Facebook in the upcoming months to increase student involvement. However, there is not yet a concrete initiative to do so, he said.

To access the website, click here.