Scientists qualify for National Olympiad semifinal exam

By Keane Muraoka-Robertson

Seven students cleared the preliminary round of various Science Olympiads qualifying them for the semifinal exam. The students inlcuded Jeffrey Bu ’12, Brendon Cho ’14, David Lim ’13, Brian Jun ’13, Kenneth Kim ’13, Kevin Zhang ’14 and Larry Zhang ’14.

The preliminary exam is open to all high school students. The top percentage, which varies for each science, then moves on to the semifinal round where qualifiers must take another exam to qualify for the next round.

Bu and Kim made it to the semifinal round of the Chemistry Olympiad. They both took the semifinal exam last Saturday, April 21 and will receive their results in May. The semifinal exam consisted of multiple-choice questions and a lab.

“There’s a lot of chemistry we can’t cover in Honors and AP because of time reasons that I find fascinating,” Kim said. “I get to go in depth into my favorite parts of chemistry. The fun in learning these new things makes the seven hour test worth it.”

Brothers Kevin and Larry both qualified for the semifinal round of the Physics Olympiad. To prepare for their exam, Kevin and Larry studied over the summer at Avid Academy in Orange County.

Cho, Lim and Jun made it to the semifinal round of the Biology Olympiad.