Rain floods Seaver halls, classrooms

By Sam Sachs

The first floor of the Seaver Academic Center flooded due to heavy rain during sixth period on April 13. The maintenance crew attributed the flooding to clogged drains just outside the doors to Seaver.

The flood briefly obstructed the hallway and students were redirected to walk outside, around the scene.

Classes along the hallway were cancelled that Friday, April 13 to the following Monday, April 16 and ACT tests on Saturday, April 14 were also relocated.

The carpet was replaced over the weekend.

Maintenance tended to Seaver at the beginning of the flood and began sweeping some of the water out through the doors as they waited for their water vacuums to arrive.

Water vacuums were then used to drain the hallway and a few classrooms that had been partially flooded.

“The water started to snake in quite quickly beneath the front doors,” Foreign Language Chair Paul Chenier said.

Chenier called the maintenance crew “the heroes” for arriving quickly and replacing the carpet.

“I heard a ruckus from outside my classroom, then I walked outside and [water] was everywhere,” Sam Hummel ’14 said.